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Energy Courses

Welcome! Check out online and live exercise sessions, energy training and guided meditations with Sandeep and Kenna. We are grateful to our lineage of masters that include Tibetan Monk & Energy Specialist Venerable Namgyal, Energy Researcher & Healing Guru Dr Lai Chiu Nan, Qigong Grandmaster & cancer cure-giver Madam Guo Lin and the unmatchable expert Dr Yang, Jwing Ming, famed for his work through YMAA.

Please give us a call or whatsapp +91-965-002-8085 or +91-981-161-9125 so we can discuss what’s best for you. Or you could get a little more detail here:

Qigong Courses

These include workshops and sessions of durations from a few hours to a day. What we impart is a lifetime of learning. Click the link for details.

Reiki Courses

You could pursue Contact Reiki, Distance Reiki or even the Master level course with us… taught as per the tradition of Dr Usui. Call +91-965-002-8085.

Energy Healing

Engage our guides to address any health problem you may have, induced by age, lifestyle or stress. Simple or chronic, doesn’t matter. Get healed!

Empower Your Energy

This is Sandeep & Kenna’s signature program of 2-day duration. Not only will you learn to control personal energy, you will be on your way to self-healing forever. Watch a video here and send us your details so we may get back to you on the next schedule.

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