Qigong meditation and qigong healing are easy and direct ways to move your own life energy into the right orbit. Qigong is a practice of harnessing our own energy and it was discovered by the ancient Chinese. It is the mother of taichi and most forms of martial arts. But in its native form, it is a simple, proven means of getting a balance in your mind, body and spirit.

By practicing qigong mediation I don’t guarantee you will subvert manic depression symptoms, but you will certainly know how to change your aura to keep yourself healthier and happier.

How does this work?

Let’s take it from the top. Do you agree that we have a form of energy inside us that gives our life potency? Do you agree that energy in any form can be released and modified? For example heat energy can be changed to sound energy when a firecracker explodes…

Now Qigong is about harnessing your life energy which manifests inside you and in your aura… which is the covering around your body about six inches deep. It is harnessed by a number to styles and techniques that can be learned from an experienced practitioner and can be performed in one’s daily schedule without much diversion.

That’s why, if you feel that depression might be setting in on you, you might like to explore Qigong meditation techniques for a permanent solution.

Qigong healing works on the principle that any problem in the physical body is but a manifestation of an energy block in the affected part. If you have arthritis in your knees, the energy flow through your knees is not correct. Thus qigong techniques will provide the solution for you by releasing the energy block and getting you going.

Depression is a mental block. A helplessness. Incapacity. Confusion. Overwhelming. A few minutes with qigong meditation and you’ll be up and running again. This is also why I recommend you stay away from asking “am I depressed”… it will only make you more depressed and get you into a negative emotional cycle which eventually ends on a psychiatrist’s couch. Instead explore qigong meditation and take your mind into your own control… with masterly guidance.

Your doing so will not only give you an instant solution but one that is permanent as well. The one precaution is to not confuse yourself with the truckload of information available online on qigong! Be guided by someone you can trust. You are welcome to contact us for  face to face discussion.

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