If you are looking for techniques for mindfulness based stress reduction, Jon Kabat-Zinn of the University of Massachusetts outlines its basic principle as “being in a state of non-judgmental awareness every moment”. He likens mindfulness to a guesthouse where you invite the feelings and thoughts of life. As they come in you stay in awareness of them… which is almost the opposite of the questioning approach.

As a program, mindfulness based stress reduction focuses on acquiring mindful awareness of mindfulness. These ideas find root in the earliest Buddhist teachings but the program is not religious or esoteric. But I take off from here into another ancient Chinese practice that works upon the psychological theory of the mind, wherein mindfulness is central. And that is Qigong.

Qigong is a five thousand year old technique which predates Buddha but rests on a similar characterization of mindfulness in the sense of its dispassionate, non-evaluative and sustained moment-to-moment awareness. As one involved in qigong meditation one would be in a state of complete mindfulness even while carrying out routine tasks of daily living.

Not only is this a huge catalyst for stress reduction, it is a process that eliminates the problem from the root by saving time; the lack of which causes stress in the first place. It can be self-taught with expert help from masters of qigong online. And by learning qigong techniques you will actually assimilate from the root upwards… which makes your absorption experiential, compared with the University program or even Buddhist techniques for that matter.

To learn qigong online is easy. Plenty of resources are available free of cost for you to evaluate the ground in the comfort of your home or office. After all mindfulness is an acquired skill and qigong makes the acquisition a paint-by-numbers game. The consequent stress reduction helps save time and build more productivity into one’s working day.

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