Qigong for Beginners

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Qigong Breathing

Proper qigong breathing is the first step to getting qigong movements right as directed by the qigong techniques of the masters.

Whether you are practicing qigong for the purpose of health, martial arts, spiritual development, healing, or other benefits you need to learn these breathing techniques to promote blood circulation, relaxation, energy, oxygen to the brain and cultivation of vital chi energy. Discover how you can learn this at home < click here for an online course!

Most practitioners breathe from the diaphragm, a method also known as abdominal breathing or more accurately, diaphragmatic breathing. In fact, all beginners should start with the basic abdominal breathing technique before trying any other breathing exercise.

When practicing these breathing exercises, including abdominal breathing, always pause between inhalation and exhalation, to give the chi energy time to collect itself when you are manipulating its strength or force, or to make any necessary changes in direction during circulation.

Though there are certain exceptions, generally, you should always breathe through the nose, with your tongue placed in a natural resting position against the upper teeth and palate, and your lips pressed lightly together.

The tongue is always against the palate, because it acts as a bridge for the chi energy to pass through from the top of the head down through the esophagus.

This creates two major types of chi circulation known as xiao zhoutian or microcosmic orbit, and da zhoutian or macrocosmic orbit. Qigong breathing is the primary element in meditative practice. Visualization and imagery are used extensively. Physical postures are used at times. When one learns to balance one’s energy through qigong breathing and visualization techniques, one becomes acutely aware of when those around one are out of balance.

Healthcare professionals who practice qigong must recognize when to teach aspects of qigong to clients, and what to teach, such as a qigong breathing technique or a healing visualization. You can get guidance on it all here.