Stop Searching for Stress Relief Games – Start Qigong Online and Get Into a Positive Spiral

Stress relief games are a fun way to pass time of course. But qigong exercises – which you can learn online – are better. Huh, you say? What’s qigong? Good! Because that’s exactly what I intend to share with you.

Qigong is a proven technique for meditation and healing that was developed in China about five thousand years ago. The word means ‘working with life energy’ and is a composite of two parts – Qi or Chi, meaning ‘life energy’ and gong meaning ‘working with’.

Qigong exercises utilize one’s own life energy for the purpose of healing physical and mental discomforts by channeling the energy in such a way that it finds no blocks in the passage both inside the body and around its aura. Should there be blocks, with the counsel of a master one is able to clear them out and maintain a harmonious oneness with the universal energy all around us.

Now if you are familiar with any kind of meditation, you would know that the reason you shy from it is that it takes time and that is exactly what you do not have. In fact that is the reason why you are stressed or looking for stress relief games in the first place!

So let me ask a question here. Does searching for stress relief games give you more time or less time? Of you are honest with yourself you know searching and then playing these games depletes time. It gives a sense of satisfaction no doubt… and probably gives a fillip to productivity for the following few minutes as well. But it is temporary. Transient. A short term solution.

Now let’s look at meditation, qigong meditation in particular. Just like you are searching stress relief games in the office now you can be reading up and practicing qigong exercises right from your cubicle. However, the time you spend practicing the qigong exercises will be positive time as it will impact your life energy which will be altered bit by bit for life. What does this mean?

This means you will have incrementally created more and more energy to deal with life’s situations calmly and stress will not be your permanent visitor anymore. So you would not need to waste time searching stress relief games anymore and start gaining mastery in qigong exercises instead!

The most remarkable part of qigong meditation is that you can learn qigong online and get a coach who holds your hand all the way! Explore the options now! Read some about our workshops and sessions here…

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