Bett Martinez is an educator, consultant and medical researcher who teaches Qigong and wellness practices for community organizations in the SF Bay Area. She is the founder of Women Pause and WELL-BEING and Executive Director of The Possible Society of California.

Bett works on making programs which focus on wellness, health promotion, and lifestyle change based on Expressive Arts and the teaching and practice of traditional mind-body exercise systems, such as Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qigong. Recently, she made an instruction video on a form of Adaptive Qigong called Terra Ch’i, her own invention. Here’s a video:

She says, “In Adaptive Qigong we tailor time-honored exercises to each person’s situation. In this process we draw from various therapeutic movement modalities including Yoga, Feldenkrais, and the Alexander Technique. We partner with you to encourage your discovery of what you can do. In this way, together we engender an empowering atmosphere in which you can gently and enjoyably maintain or regain function.

As in physical and occupational therapy, we put the emphasis on your learning how to move in ways that increase your tone and range of motion. Individualized Adaptive Qigong movements and self-massages are carefully constructed to aid you in creating and sustaining your own balanced and centered body state.”

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