The whole subject of energy medicine is in its infancy and qigong healing, though an ancient science, is coming into the mainstream only now with scientific awareness through quantum physics.

The underlying principle of energy medicine is that we are all essentially composed of wave patterns and the waves represent different energy forms, the frequencies of which can be altered to result in a changed physical condition.

3 Forms of healing other than Qigong healing

Reiki is one form of energy healing that calls upon a channel to deliver it to the affected party. This channel is a person who has been indoctrinated to receive and transmit Reiki. Using the cups of their hands the channels can draw energy from the universe and concentrate it on the areas that need healing. Reiki specifies 25 points in the body where it acts holistically, but the transmitter may localize the transmission to the affected part only. Depending on the severity of the ailment, Reiki could take multiple sessions over varying lengths of time (usually less than ninety minutes at a go). To abide by the principle that calls for an equal exchange of energy for any transmission to work, money (as a form of energy) must be paid to a Reiki practitioner to benefit from the treatment. This is an energetic exchange rather than a commercial one.

Pranic healing is similar to Reiki with an important difference in the role of the channel. But they’re very different from Qigong healing. A Pranic healer herself transmits energy and replenishes it from the universe. Therefore the channeling process is more acute and involved and could be rather extenuating for the healer.

The transmission process of Sahaj Marg involves a preceptor who communes with the living and past masters of the method and reaches life force energy to recipients eager to cleanse their spirit. This system operates more that the soul level than at the body level. Sahaj Marg followers are therefore not necessarily physically fit but have very robust well-healed souls if they have been following the prescribed meditative processes.

So what’s Qigong healing?

Qigong healing involves harnessing life force energy. This is an aura based technique which may or may not require another person to administer. It involves exercises that free the spirit and enable life energy to flow without constrictions or bottlenecks throughout one’s body system. As the flow is natural and smooth, bodily healing takes place and practitioners live long and healthy.

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