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As millions of people worldwide are turning to Chinese medicine and healing practices such as qigong and Tai Chi, it is important to understand what qigong is and how it works.

Here are two video courses, by renowned qigong expert and author Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, where he explains the concepts of qigong and the human energetic circulatory system.

Dr. Yang’s systematic approach to teaching offers deep insight into the subject of qigong with modern scientific data to support his theory from both an Eastern and Western perspective.

Drawing on his 35 years of training in qigong and his Western scientific background in Physics and Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Yang presents a clear and fascinating explanation of his qigong theory, and offers a simple qigong exercise for students to begin experiencing their Qi. This program is a must for qigong practitioners, acupuncturists, energy healers, and anyone interested in understanding exactly of how and why qigong works.

If you’ve never attended a qigong seminar with Dr. Yang, here’s a home version you won’t want to miss!

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He further explains in DVD 2, keypoints for correct and efficient qigong practice, and details the methods of qigong breathing.

  • Learn the ‘Five Regulatings’.
  • Explore the relationship between the thymus gland and the emotions.
  • Understand the healing sounds of ‘Hen’ and ‘Ha’, and learn how they relate to Qigong and Taijiquan.
  • Learn the basic Chinese concept of treating common ailments, specifically the breathing techniques for lung cancer and asthma.

There are more DVDs on the theory and practice of embryonic breathing, the theory of Four Seasons Qigong (Si Ji Gong – how to regulate the body from one season to the next to avoid common illnesses).

Also the theory of Small Circulation qigong meditation and Martial Qigong Breathing; for conditioning the joints to make them stronger and more flexible.

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