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Qigong Courses

Qigong Workshops

  • Ideal for institutions, corporate companies, NGOs, academies
  • 4 or 8 hours in your premises; half or full-day session
  • Perfect for upto 20 attendees
  • No pre-requirements from participants; clothes to allow movement
  • Need 2×2 metre free space for each participant and chairs for meditation
  • Fee payable by hosting organization

Qigong Group Sessionssandeep-qigong-profile

  • Ideal for residential societies, clubs, schools, colleges
  • 3 hours in a park / open space; spread over 1 or 2 days as suitable
  • Great for 6 to 12 participants
  • No pre-requirements from participants; clothes to allow movement
  • Fee payable by each participant before start of session

Private Qigong Sessionsimg_1138

  • Ideal for families, individuals, homogeneous groups
  • 3 hours in our meditation room (in Gurugram)
  • Suitable for 1 to 6 participants
  • No pre-requirements from participants; clothes to allow movement
  • Fee payable by participants/group before start of the session

Here are a few testimonials from the past:

Midela Fernandez
Midela FernandezRetired Teacher
I never realized the effects of energy work could be
so immediate. I started the 25-minute routine you
taught while I was feeling a pain in the lower back
and was emotionally low. To my surprise I was
cured of physical and emotional pains in minutes!
Thanks a lot for these techniques. I'm a fan :-)
Mary Jane Miller
Mary Jane MillerRenowned Artist & Painter
Yours was the first class where the method
and significance of breathing was shared fully.
Earlier I'd discovered on my own experimenting
and teaching, breathing helps to focus the mind
first and then we can work on the energy and the
rest. Bravo, keep it up. You're both a delight!
Anna Semitiel
Anna SemitielFreelance Photographer
I am very grateful to you for the session and
the inputs. The truth is that now I feel very
well, and it seems much easier to control my
anxiety. Thank you for the course!
(Translated from Spanish)
Ana Lorena
Ana LorenaPrep School Teacher
When I return from school I am completely
exhausted but after learning qigong from you
I started doing the routine everyday at sunset.
Now I find I am ready for my husband, kids,
housework and doing school stuff till midnight!
Maria Elena
Maria ElenaWellness Consultant
Thank you for the opportunity to learn qigong.
It was more than a pleasure to have shared this
moment with you. This was a very meaningful
and great experience which will surely improve
my life. Thank you!

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